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Japanese Text, Caregiving plus

“Japanese Text, Caregiving plus” will be published Autum 2017. It will support Japanese learners who aim to become care workers in Japan.
1. Learners can listen native Japanese narration on the PC synchronized with textbook. 2. Non-English learners can select their mother language on this screen too.
We will donate this textbook to all schools which have 100 students or more, with the cooperation of the major sponsor partners in the caregiving business in Japan.
Please e-mail back to:
info@jamsystem.com for the pre-registration.


ANC Frequncy Dictionary

ANC Frequncy Dictionary

ANC (American National Corpus) Frequency-based 42-language Multilingual Dictionaries are now open to the public for FREE!
Finally, an opportunity for learners to discover how US English vocabulary is truly used!

ANC, American National Corpus word frequency-statistics based dictionary with 45-languages translate is first available for free download on an excel format, for the flexible processing. 30,000 index words are given 70 category codes for select or sort.
It is good for Japanese learning too.
Also please widely let your students know this valuable news.

Free English Learning Web Application: e-touch

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JLSSS(Japanese Language Self-Study System)

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In order to provide easiest way to learn Japanese to students and workers who are looking forward to visit Japan, we have developed JLSSS. JLSSS is created so that you can reduce the time to acquire required vocabulary ->Click here to try Jlsss!
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Jam 260 Original Stories

Selected Titles
Sample Illustrations
Brochures made by CREi Inc. (TBS group)
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Jam Story Time
The exciting stories and fantastic illustrations of the JST series are all composed from scratch. Each story in the series has been carefully developed to fascinate global learners unconsciously acquire new vocabulary. A grand total of 3,000 words are used in 260 stories.
English Litmus Test

Quick listening tests:
Print 'n' Play

Print 'n' Play
Software to print on demand 1,000 vocabulary flashcards designed for classroom use:
programs and software

Entertaining vocabulary builder:




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Jam Systems Inc, has specialized in the development of original English language educational materials and technologies since 1999.

Our products have been uniquely designed in three separate stages -- visual, audio, and textual -- in order to be easily migratable to digital platforms such as smartphones, tablets, or TVs. They are even traditionally published in print formats. We are proud to store many different types of content, with more than 10 patents and trademarks registered. Please visit our homepage to see samples, including YouTube movies.


NPO "English for World Peace"
Laligurans Japan is an NPO working to root out the trafficking of Nepalese girls and women.


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We are currently seeking business partners and investors, as we are now in the early stages of plans to issue Initial Public Offerings. We are confident this challenge can be successfully fulfilled, as the lack of original content can prove fatal as the competing speed of telecommunication -- such as LTE or wireless LAN -- grows every year. Despite the start-up of terrestrial broadcasting in many countries, TV programs have remained boring, lowering the audience ratings.

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